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Open-loop Recycling Rates of Platinum Group Metals:1980—2016

Xun Dengye  Zhao Fuquan  Liu Zongwei  Hao Han  
【摘要】:Platinum group metals are the rarest elements in the lithosphere.Global supply and demand of platinum group metals have experienced rapid growth over recent decades,mainly driven by demand from the automotive industry.Due to the significant regional disparities of primary supply,increasing the recycling rate is essential for securing the total supply of platinum group metals.The open-loop recycling rate largely determines the overall recycling rate.This study analyzes the anthropogenic life cycle of platinum group metals,and calculates the open-loop recycling rates and recycled content during the period of 1980-2016.The open-loop end-of-life recycling rates of platinum,palladium and rhodium increased from very low levels in 1980 to 63%,52% and 43% in 2016.The end-oflife recycling rates by automotive and electronic industries increased sharply.A great opportunity for recycling rates improvement is increasing the collection rate,especially in the automotive industry.

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1 Xun Dengye;Zhao Fuquan;Liu Zongwei;Hao Han;;Open-loop Recycling Rates of Platinum Group Metals:1980—2016[A];2020中国国手机手机年会官方网(6)[C];2020年
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